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Program of workshops, lectures and a group exhibition
From December 5th to January 12th
Al Riwaq Art Space
3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, Adliya
T. 00973 17717441

About the program
Al Riwaq Art Space is pleased to announce that Intermediately, a cultural exchange program between the Universitat der Kunste in Berlin and the University of Bahrain, is currently taking place at the gallery and it will run through January 12th.
The project, supported by the DAAD, includes a series of workshops, a lecture by Professor Gregor Schneider and Minimal/Maximal, a group art exhibition.
The general objective of the overall program is to stimulate thoughts about the relation between the European and the Arabic world.
The project will be conducted by an international group of art students of the Universitat der Kunste in Berlin and will be involving students from the Art, Architecture and Interior Department of the University of Bahrain. Aim of the program is to encourage a concrete exchange between the different cultural and artistic backgrounds of the participants through discussion and practical works. This program is intended to be the first step of an open dialogue process which will be also bring over the next year the Bahraini students involved in the project to Berlin in order to continue the exchange and to be exposed to one of the most important artistic and cultural environment for the contemporary art practices.
Intermediately represents a further step taken by Al Riwaq Art Space to engage young Bahrain based artists and art students through art education and to establish an interactive and international platform to share and develop ideas as well as cultural practices.

About the workshops
From Sunday 4th December through 10th December
Presentation on Saturday 11th December from 3 pm
Al Riwaq Art Space

During the program a series of workshops, based on the central theme of interactivity between artist and public, conducted by the students from Berlin will be taking place at Al Riwaq Art Space. A group of selected students from the Department of Arts, Interior Design and Architecture of the University of Bahrain will go through a series of workshops that are aimed at developing and directing the development of their artistic practices, to encourage the debate and to delve into artistic movements, such as site-specific, relational and performance art.
At the end of the program, the participants will be presenting the results of the workshops and will share their works with the public on Saturday 11th December starting at 3 pm. This event is free and open to the public.
The final outcome of the workshops will be also part of the exhibition which will be opened on Saturday 11th at 7 pm.

About the lecture by Professor Gregor Schneider
Thursday 9th December at 7 pm
Al Riwaq Art Space
This event is free and open to the public

Professor Gregor Schneider will be giving a lecture entitled "Black Cube - Is a Cube just a Cube?" on Thursday 9th December at 7 pm; the event is free and open to the public.
During the talk the Professor will be discussing about the concept of his installation "Cube Venice 2005".
Gregor Schneider was born in 1969 in Rheydt, Germany. He has always been interested in the relation between constructed and individual space.
Among his numerous exhibitions, he held solo exhibitions at the Kunsthalle in Hamburg (2003), at the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (2004), the Museum de Arte Contemporanea de Serralves in Oporto (2005), and the Morra Greco Foundation in Naples (2006). Among his group shows: in 2005 at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, in 2007 with "Into Me/Out of Me" at the PS1 in New York, at the KW in Berlin, and with "La citta che sale. We try to build the future" as part of MACRO FUTURE (2007-2008). He was also present at the 1st Biennial of Athens (2007). In 2001 Gregor Schneider won the Golden Lion prize for the best national participation at the 49th Venice Biennale.

About the exhibition Minimal/Maximal
Saturday 12th December at 7 pm - Wednesday 12th January
Al Riwaq Art Space
This event is free and open to the public

The exhibition presents the works of 24 international students coming from the sculpture class of the artist and professor Gregor Schneider, Universität der Künste, Berlin (Germany), together with a contribution of the same artist.
The exhibition "Minimal/Maximal" is based on the concept of maximal effects being reached through minimal causes. The tension between minimal and maximal has been explored from all angles, from formal or concrete to more conceptual or abstract solutions.
This concept 'Minimal/Maximal` arises from thoughts concerning content as also pragmatism: the tension between mass reduction and spacial extention represents on one hand a device to deal with space, on the other hand a stategy to minimalise transport costs and geographical distance.
The exhibition will open on the 11th of December at 19 pm at Al Riwaq Art Space and will be running through Wednesday 12th January.

Participating artists: Emma Björnespaar; Katja Burlyga; Miriam Christof; Lara Dorsett; Lonny Fechner; Léa Gilloire; Lola Göller; Sandra Krause Gomez; David Iselin-Ricketts; David Kröll; Simon Jung; Mari Matsutoya; Christoph Medicus; Alessandro Reichmann; Ricarda von Ribbek; Lysander Rohringer; Francisco Rozas; Mike Ruiz; Fiene Scharp; Gregor Schneider; Gon Seok; Lidia Sigle; Diana Sirianni; Flavia Spichtig; Luca Vanello; What´s

About Al Riwaq - Al Riwaq Art Space is a not- for-profit space supporting contemporary art practice and encouraging the youth's creativity. Its vision is to promote creativity and art value providing the artists and the public with a platform to exchange ideas, provoke intellectual debate, inspire and develop creative thinking as well as foster cultural production.
By nurturing a strong relationship between art and society through its programs, it aims at encouraging and supporting creativity and thought-provoking art.
By planning a series of events and courses specifically tailored to students of all ages, Al Riwaq Art Space intends to establish a fruitful and enduring relationship with the youth and its educators.

If you wish to receive further details about this event feel free to contact us on info@alriwaqartspace.com or on 00973 17717441

Al Riwaq Art Space
P.O. Box 54622
3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue
Adliya, Bahrain
Telephone: +973 17717441 +973 17717441
Fax: +973 17715421


“Strip  Kabinett”, 14.04 - 28.04 2013


Johannes Brus

Michael Croissant

Anthony Caro

Konstantino Dregos

Thomas Grünfeld

Otto Gutfreund

K.H. Hödicke

Dieter Krieg

Alwin Lay

Via Lewandowsky

Jacques Lipchitz

Markus Lüpertz

Olaf Metzel

Hans Richter

Gerd Rohling

Felix Schramm

William Turnbull

Wolfram Ullrich

Luca Vanello

Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese, Berlin

25 May - 1 July 2017

Artist talk

Lottozero, Center for Textile Design, Art and Exchange, Prato, Italy

30 March 2017


Gianni Colosimo

Mimì Enna

Emilio Fantin

Roberto Fassone and Giovanna Manzotti

Isamit Morales

Cesare Pietroiusti

Emilio Prini

Andrea Renzini

Luca Vanello

FuturDome, Milan, Italy

27 March 2017 - 15 April 2017

Tepid Palm Sweat

Tripla Gallery, Bologna, Italy

2 December 2016 - 10 January 2017

Visiting artist talk

Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Norway

11 October 2016

Wadden Tide 2016

Mika Friis & Jakob Ingemansson

Lea Bucknell

Christian Kerrigan 

Alice and David Bertizzolo

Bruno Doedens, SLeM 

Tapati Chowdhury 

Luca Vanello

Nozomi Tomoeda

Fernando Garcia-Dory

Bonggi Park

Anna Schimkat

Alyssa Casey

Wadden Sea Unesco Conservation Area, Blåvandshuk, Denmark

1 September - 2 October 2016


Bogdán Vladimir Ablozhnyy

Maria Cruz Alarcon Lopez

Sebastiao Pires

Antonia Brown  

Elliot Chaplin

Ruann Coleman

Jake Davidson

Caterina De Nicola

Antonio della Guardia

Vilje Celin Kern Vestenfor

Lap-See Lam

Rafa Medeiros

Ryts Monet

Maia Nichols

Mirka Sulander

Matti Sumari

Luca Vanello

Fondazione Ratti, Como

20 July 2016

Discrete Violation

Artist talk, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

31 May 2016

Vertical Displacement

with Akane Moriyama

Insitu, Berlin

27 May - 02 July 2016

Attraverso, Una Visione Oltre

Joseph Beuys

Stefano Cagol

Gino De Dominicis

Gilbert and George

Sol LeWitt

Giovanni Mundula

Herman Nitsch

Yoko Ono

Luigi Ontani

Vettor Pisani

Fabrizio Plessi

Luca Vanello

MAAD, Museo d’Arte di Adria e del Delta, Adria

21 May - 25 June 2016


Paul Abbott

Julie Bentley

Kyounghee Lee

Jessie McLaughlin

Sean Mullan

Nick Scammell

Dario Srbic

Luca Vanello

Seen Fifteen Gallery, London

20 April - 30 April 2016