Swallowing Spittle

Gildengate House Residency exhibition




The exhibition takes as a starting point the influence of debt and austerity cuts on the mental and physical states of individuals.

Project realised in collaboration with the “Norfolk and Norwich Bereavement Support Group” and the University College London Department of Applied Health Research, London.

Untitled. Carpet tiles, molten brass, molten copper, molten zinc, plastic, pigment, paper, brass string, brass grid, 300 cm x 100 x 3 cm

Personal belongings removed by bailiffs were later re-bought at an auction and materially reversed, in this way wanting to “reverse” the economic cause linked to their removal.

Greasy With Veneration, Behind Only Skin. Inkjet print, frame, 30 cm x 21 x 2 cm.

A code was developed to insert text inside the binary code of a digital image, hence creating a glitch. A found digital image of an icon revetment (metal protection for Byzantine icons) was altered by inserting into its binary code untold words donated by a mother who’s son suffered psychologically due to austerity cuts to the NHS health system.


Nail Caught In A Split (Losing What Is Not Contained). Brass, ash. 42 cm x 28.5 x 2 cm

Personal belongings removed by bailiffs, later re-bought at an auction, were materially reversed.  The resulting materials were shaped into the exact area occupied by the standing size of a person.

Untitled. Handrail, materially reversed bailifted personal belongings. 175.3 x 2.5 cm (diameter), 20 x 20 x 0.5 cm

Handrail, length cut to the average height of an English male. Toys removed by bailiffs, re-bought at an auction and later materially reversed.

Speeding Up What Didn’t Find Its Time. Bench frame, oxidation. 60 cm x 50 x 5 cm

Personal belonging removed by bailiffs, later bought at an auction. The oxidation process was accelerated by 89 days, based on an event that would have saved a teenager from psychological suffering due to austerity cuts to the NHS health system.

Naive Carrier Of Prestige. Incision in the floor. 0.4 x 1 x 500 cm (length based on floor size)

Various paintings and prints previously removed by bailiffs were re-bought at an auction. The images were then materially reversed and the resulting materials used to fill an incision made across the exhibition space floor. At the end of the exhibition the cut was sealed, in this way making the inserted images become permanent part of the space.

Concrete, bloated.

Losing what is not contained, brass darkened by sweat.


Black pole pressed against wall.

Plastic toys, unaware.

Rage excreted through lights.

Plastic cup, cracked.

Mute enthusiasm. 

Soaked in repetition, only to retreat in minutes.

Intimacy shaved by heat.

Matter, deflowered.

Cellulose carrier of prestige,

Nail caught in a split. 


Speeding up what didn’t find its time.

Halved pair.

Metal greasy with veneration, behind only skin.


Untitled. Performance taking place daily at different times.

A local person was asked to mumble by heart abstracted text referring to contextual origins of the works on show while engaging in the everyday life sorrounding of the exhibition space.

Untitled. Performance taking place daily at different times.

Performance text.